Please do not fill out this application if you are a Harris County Election Worker! 

Your application cannot be processed from this link. 

A1 Personnel Veronica Garcia


Please click on the “Apply Now” blue button to access the application center.  This will allow you to submit your resume and a brief general application.  Upon completion, you will be redirected to this website.  At any time you may log in again and modify your information.  We highly recommend you update your record if any of your personal information changes.

Please read the Application Questions Tab on the website after completing your application to understand the process clearly.

  • Please note: You must complete the entire application process in order to be eligible for job openings.
  • Before clicking on the Application below, you must have your Driver’s License, Social Security #, Contact Information, Address, and your Resume file handy.
  • This form will not work on a smartphone or tablet.  Please complete it using a laptop or desktop.

Application Questions

Q: How long does the application process take?
A: Typically our applicants spend about 15 minutes completing the online application.  Please make sure you have a PDF or WORD version of your resume to upload before beginning.

Q: I have completed my online application.  What happens now?  Will someone call me?
A: That’s great!  Your application will be screened by our recruiting department over the next 5-7 business days.  After the screening process, you will be contacted by Recruiters once a position matches your skills and experience.  There is no guaranteed time frame for when a position will match your resume.

Q: I went online to fill out an application and it says I already have an account but this is my first time.  What’s the deal?
A: You have probably worked for us before or submitted a paper application in previous years.  Please email [email protected] to resolve this.

Q: I’m trying to complete my application but I keep getting a server error, it times out, or it won’t let me finish.  What’s the deal?
A: Our application is time-sensitive for your protection.  You must stay active or it will log you out.  Please close your browser completely, launch the web page again and then sign back into the online application as a returning user.  Try to complete the application in one sitting.
Q: How will the recruiters contact me?
A: Our recruiting department primarily sends text messages and emails about open jobs.  Please make sure you have regular access to both.

Q: Do you have any positions available right now?  What types of jobs do you staff?
A: We always have job openings.  Please visit the Job Postings page on our website.  We staff a wide variety of jobs across industries and experience levels.

Q: Do you have other office locations around the city?
A: No, at this time we have one office located at 12725 Royal Drive.

Q: I need to update my email address/phone number or upload a new resume.  How can I do that?
A: Log into the online application as a returning user.  Your existing information will appear and you can change anything you want to.  There will be a page that allows you to upload new documents.  Don’t remember your username or password?  No problem.  Please email [email protected] and we will send it to you via email.

Q: I was working on my Online Application and I see the Payroll page asking me about my W-4.  What is this?
A: Your W-4 is the IRS’s mandatory form that decides your income tax liability.  You should take into account your marital status, the number of financial dependents in your household, etc.  This form is highly specific to your situation and we cannot tell you how to complete it.  The IRS’s website may be able to help you, . 

Q: I was working on my Online Application and I see the Payroll page asking me about my I-9.  What is this?
A: Your I-9 is the federal government’s required employment eligibility form.  This form is based on your citizenship or immigrant status and you must indicate whether or not you are authorized to work in the United States.